Founded as a concert organisation in 2018, NW Live Arts celebrates different musical  genres, reimagining classical repertoire and music from other cultures in new ways. Exploring important social themes creatively in concerts and community workshops we aim to connect professional musicians, dancers, actors, writers and visual artists with local communities bringing artists and audiences closer together.

Following our highly successful concert 'Music and Mind' in the beautiful space of The Atrium at Kentish Town Health Centre in November 2018, NW Live Arts is now collaborating with a team of exceptional musicians, writers and actors to  devise a dynamic and creative concert series for 2019 and early 2020. These include,'Music and Soul', 'Music and Body' and 'Music and Renewal.' Each concert explores different aspects of the way music impacts on wellbeing in programmes of reimagined classical music and music of other genres. We are grateful for funding from the Arts Council of Great Britain.


In partnership with Arts and Wellbeing charity, The Free Space Project, NW Live will be running creative writing workshops with local support groups alongside the concerts inviting a wide section of the community to share their stories in music and words and these will form an integral part of each concerts.

With a format of words, music and the way open to include other media and art forms in future projects, NW Live Arts is planning to develop further performances and workshops in a variety of venues across North West London. 

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